What We Do


Our designers follow a user-centred design process to build empathy for the customers they design for to create engaging digital experiences.


Visual direction

We sit down with you to find out more about your competition and any sites that you aspire to. This doesn’t always have to be industry specific. Then, we go away and build a series of visual inspiration boards to create the overriding vision for your project.


Sitemaps and user flows

The design team works closely with you and your team, using existing data/feedback to create new sitemaps and define how your customer journey will flow.


Branding and design systems

We build a deep understanding of your objectives and brand position to create your visual identity. Alongside these, a series of design system components are also produced to bring coherence to all your online and offline materials.



Next, we sit down and focus on what’s important on the page, defining the content structure without the distraction of colourful visuals. Our design team creates a number of pages and prototypes for you and your customers to review at this stage.


Visual design

Once your pages are defined, your user flows are mapped and the content structure is agreed on. Our design team begins work on the visuals, creating the design system, illustrations and page layouts to bring your product/website to life.



Your static designs come alive at the prototyping stage, where we create interactive content for you to review. Our design team creates clickable prototypes to help you and your customers understand how your user journey will work, for real.


Icons and illustration

If your project requires custom graphics, we can create unique icons and illustrations that fit with your brand’s tone and voice. This process typically starts by defining a style that we can all align with and bring continuity to your project.


Interaction design

When your users interact with your product/website, it’s often the little touches that elevate the user experience. By carefully considering these interactions, this helps guide your users through your pre-defined journey and provides those ‘ah-ha’ moments.